Ngombe Classroom Project

With funds raised by the Prince Rupert chapter of the foundation at “A Night of Africa” held at the Crest Hotel in February 2013, we were able to build new classrooms in the village of Ngombe!

Students who previously had to attend classes outdoors in very primitive shelters now have a proper classroom and a safe, comfortable environment in which to learn.

This is truly something to smile about!
The children aren’t the only ones happy about their new classrooms. Their teachers, and our very own Okala liason officer Eboko Mbele Rodrigue – a.k.a “Turbo” are very happy too!

School Outside?

Just imagine – if your children had to try to learn in a harsh environment like this.
The kids in our villages had nothing but primitive shelters like this in which to spend their school days.
With dirt floors and open to the elements, they were at the mercy of the heat of summer and then the driving rain during the rainy season. They struggled with these conditions on a daily basis for years.
Through fundraising efforts and a little help from Okala sponsors and donors like you – a little money and some resourcefulness created a remarkable transformation and a change for the good for these students.

Now a Thing of the Past for These Kids!

The transformation is complete!

These kids now have a sturdy, strong, and dry building to house Their classroom. They can feel safe, comfortable, dry and gain a feeling of confidence in their new learning environment.

Having a real classroom allows them to focus on their studies, stay healthy and enjoy a fulfilling day of learning.

A Proper Learning Environment

It’s really important that their teachers have the proper facilities in which to do their job as well. It is always difficult enough to find teachers to work in the villages, so having structures with integrity that are dry and safe helps to attract them to these jobs. Okala has built two new two room classrooms in Meyene and Ngombe. We have supplied each school with blackboards and desks for the students. we have even supplied a playground in Meyene for the children to play the way children are supposed to play. We hope to continue building schools wherever they are needed. Education is our primary focus.