Okala’s Clean Drinking Water Initiatives

Water Filters

A Need For Clean Water
The children in our schools were using these buckets full of dirty water to drink from in their classrooms throughout the day.

This had to change! The most basic of all human needs is to have clean, safe drinking water. A child can’t achieve effective learning in school if they get sick from drinking bad water.
These buckets just had to go! The foundation set about finding a quick and effective solution to this problem.
The Answer? – Water Filters.
A fundraiser at Prince Rupert’s Crest Hotel raised money to buy this simple equipment so that the students could have clean, safe drinking water. Thank you Crest Hotel!

Success! A simple, effective and easy to maintain solution was provided for the schools at a very reasonable cost.
A little goes a long way…Another example of how we can make a huge difference in the lives of the children of our villages with very modest financial support.

Clean Drinking Water – We take it for granted. For these kids, it’s a small miracle. Please help us to continue to supply the schools with excellent clean water going into the future.

Thank you Willy! Willy Beaudry – one of our long-standing board members – was instrumental in making this happen, with help from the Crest Hotel. We can’t do this without YOUR support, however. Please help us to make life-changing things happen for these beautiful kids.The Okala Foundation

Well Projects

Clean Water = Healthy Communities
Can you imagine this mud puddle being your only source of water for drinking, cooking and bathing?

This is why we’re building wells in the villages, to provide clean water.