Okala has completed it’s first clinic in the village of Bikol.

Bikol is the first village of eight that we have been helping since 2006.
This clinic will service the local community.

This clinic is going to save many lives. Bikol is 23 kilometres from the nearest clinic in Belabo. For us that distance is a short hop in the car and we there in 20 minutes. However, for those in the village there is no immediate transport and a villager could wait hours before a moto taxi to passes in the day, at night the chances are less. This is if they have the money to pay the 5 dollar moto taxi fee. This money represents a week of work in the villages. Once arriving in Belabo they need to see the Doctor and pay for the consultation and medicine, which is sometimes an impossibility for many of the villagers. Without funds the Doctors will let their patients die on the front step and walk over them on their way home.

The clinics will stock emergency items – especially malaria pills and injections for young children. Malaria is the #1 killer in Africa of children under the age of 5. Time is of the essence for these children and a clinic will save lives. The clinic will have a consultation area, a drug dispensary and a room with a few beds for those that are in need. The clinic will also work as a learning center, teaching the locals about proper nutrition and hygiene. You can contribute to this program by clicking the link below to donate.