Established as a charitable organization in August 2009 and based in Canada, the Okala Foundation exists to improve the lives of the people of eastern Cameroon by promoting awareness of the profound social, educational and economic challenges their communities face and by investing the fruit of a variety of fundraising activities it pursues in sustainable, environmentally responsible projects that are designed to foster social, cultural and economic development and self-reliance. We are committed, in all our undertakings, to high standards of fundraising and financial accountability and strive to demonstrate respect for donors, volunteers and participants in our projects, as well as for the communities and individuals that benefit from our initiatives. Our fundraising activities and on-site projects focus on:


Building and equipping schools in outlying Cameroonian communities that will be staffed and operated by public education authorities.
Providing additional infrastructure to existing schools that will enhance the learning environment of students.
Sponsorship programs that match donors with individual students for the provision of school fees, learning materials, and at least one nutritious daily meal.
Sponsorship programs for students with special needs that can include tuition for special schools or educational services, specialized learning materials, medical necessities, and room and board.
Regular monitoring of student achievement and feedback to local schools and communities.


Building and equipping medical clinics situated in the communities served by our schools that will be staffed and operated by the communities and by public health authorities.
Providing additional support for the operation of medical clinics where needed.
Developing and participating in public and community preventative health programs that directly affect the well-being of the communities we work with.
Providing emergency medical or dental treatment and supplies to the communities we work with.
Providing food and other basic supplies to the communities we work with.
Improving access to water through the construction of wells, water and sewage treatment systems, and irrigation systems.

About our Foundation
Canadian Charity Number 812524155RR0001

Okala Foundation is a Canadian based, grassroots, registered charity founded by Tamara Davy in 2006 and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the children in the villages of Cameroon which we operate in.

Organisme canadien de bienfaisance # 812524155RR0001

La Fondation Okala, fondée en 2006 par Tamara Davy, est un organisme de bienfaisance enregistré voué à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des enfants des villages du Cameroun situés près de la ville de Belabo.

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Okala Foundation Board of Directors

Tamara Davy - Founder & President

Tamara attended Concordia University in Montreal in between her travels and volunteer work. She graduated in 2006 with a specialization in Sociology. During a trip to South America from 1998-1999, she had a chance encounter with a German woman who was looking after a recovering alcoholic monkey named Charlie. This was when Tamara developed a fascination with primates. Upon her return to Canada from South America, she volunteered for two and a half years at the Fauna Foundation a sanctuary for former bio-medical chimpanzees. This is where she developed an interest in traveling to Africa in order to see the chimpanzees living in their natural habitat. Tamara’s next calling took her to volunteer at a Cameroonian chimpanzee sanctuary from 2005-2006, deep within the forest of the Eastern province which is where she developed a love for the people of the surrounding villages and the country. While working in the villages for the sanctuary, Tamara realized the schools in the area were severely lacking the supplies and necessities for the children…they barely had what could be considered a school and so her journey started to make a difference in a small corner of the world.

Shannon Foy - Secretary

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she still currently resides, Shannon brings to Okala 15 years of experience in various areas of the private and public sector. Her experience includes many years of dealing with the public in various administrative roles, management experience, coordination of corporate fundraising efforts with non-profit organizations, and has experience in dealing with boards as both a member and representative. Shannon joined Okala as a board member in the fall of 2007 shortly after she first became a sponsor, and was so impressed with not only the one-on-one contact and complete transparency of its operations but the close knit community that the organization truly is, that it was an easy decision to join as a board member when asked by the Founder. She shares the same passion and commitment to make a difference as the other board members and supporters do, and looks forward to many more years of service with Okala.

Danielle Kaiser

Danielle Kaiser was born and raised in Montreal. She studied special care counselling at Vanier College and studied languages and travel management at Concordia.. She has worked in the travel industry for the past thirty years. Danielle has volunteered with a non profit organization specialising in international adoption and has also participated in several fund raisers. Danielle has two beautiful healthy children. She believes that everyone can make a difference big or small it doesn’t matter. What matters is being active in something you’re passionate about. She is proud of the opportunity to be a part of Okala Foundation. Okala is about direct action that is simple, effective and goes to the heart of what is needed. Education, health, nutrition and respect for the people and the culture.

Susan Stewart - Treasurer

Susan was born in Montreal and has lived there all of her life. She enjoys traveling, camping and canoeing. Susan finished high school in Montreal and then took business secretarial courses at night. She worked at the Reddy Memorial hospital for a year in the office. She enjoys helping people. Since 1979 Susan has worked with her husband in their motorcycle retail business. Susan has also been a part time caregiver to her older aunts. When Susan was younger she always wanted to work with children and is finally, later in life, realizing her dream. The one person Susan is most proud of is her daughter and founder of Okala Foundation, Tamara. Her hard work dedication and optimism is inspiring. Susan was honored to accept the position of co-founder and work on this worthy cause with her daughter Tamara. The children have touched her heart in a special way.

Willy Beaudry

A chef since 1980, Willy Beaudry currently operates the “Waterfront Restaurant” out of the Crest hotel in Prince Rupert BC. He has been a fixture there for over a decade, after working on the ocean aboard private and corporate vessels. Working across BC, the North and Mexico, he co-managed the setup and execution at the 1988 Winter Olympic Athlete’s Village in Canmore, Alberta. His background also involves Tourism and involvement with the Industry Training association sitting on the board of directors for GO2 BC and representing the Chefs for Northern BC as an advisor in restructuring the Trades Apprenticeship program at Provincial and Federal levels. Willy is committed to training future culinary leaders to help sustain northern BC’s culinary scene for years to come. Aside from his passion for Cooking, Willy is involved with Chefs for Humanity, Prince Rupert’s Hospice Society, and is active in promoting organizations in Africa such as Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya. A supporter of Peace one Day and this year assisting in events in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon and Nepal and Prince Rupert.

Advisory Board

Julie Muzzerall

Julie Muzzerall is a nurse, a mother of two boys, and an experiencgrass-roots organizer in Nova Scotia. Julie has 25 years nursing experience, including 21 years as a Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit Nurse. She has acted as a counsellor for burn survivors summer camps, and as a preceptor/mentor to new nurses. She is trained in nonviolent crisis intervention, suicide prevention and peer support. Julie frequently acts as a patient advocate for friends and family members who need help navigating the health care system. Julie has a long history of enthusiastically organizing and participating in charitable efforts including bowl-a-thons, bike-a-thons, and 5k runs. She regularly contributes time to “Spare-a-Click,” a Facebook application that raises funds for charities. Her first experience in supporting international efforts was in making finger puppets and “Izzy Dolls” to distribute to children.


Okala’s Liason Officer

Eboko Mbele Rodrigue - a.k.a. "Turbo"

Turbo is perhaps the Okala foundation’s most important person. To call him indispensable would be an understatement, for without him we would not be able to accomplish any of the things we do. His official title in the foundation is “liaison officer”, but the reality is that he looks after virtually all of the foundation’s business “in country”. Whether it is looking after administrative duties in the larger business centres, or delivering food, school supplies,medical supplies and building materials to the tiniest remote villages deep in the forests of east Cameroon, he does it all.In the early days of Okala, Turbo delivered multiple huge, heavy bags of rice and large boxes of medi-packs on his motorcycle – traveling on winding, wet, slippery and muddy roads to get to them. Turbo is a very experienced and skilled motorcyclist. If a child in one of our villages is in need, or falls desperately ill, Turbo is the first to hear about it. The villages are within a reasonable distance from his home in Belabo, so he can get to them in a relatively short period of time and ensure they are taken to a medical facility as quickly as possible. He has his finger on the pulse of life in all of the villages and maintains very close relationships with all of the “Okala children” and their families.We count on Turbo every day to make sure our kids are taken care of. If you sponsor one of our children, you can rest assured that he will make sure that he or she receives everything they need just as we have promised it to you – so that their school year and their classroom experience is as comfortable as possible. It is because of this close relationship that he maintains with the villages, and because of Tamara Davy’s hard work throughout the years to maintain a “grass roots” level of service and dedication – that your relationship with our foundation and the child you sponsor will be at a very personal level. We feel strongly that this is what makes Okala special, and enables the foundation to live up to its name. We really do care.

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