Self Sufficiency Through Education

Okala Foundation
Helping the children and communities of Cameroon since 1999

Established as a charitable organization in August 2009 and based in Canada, the Okala Foundation exists to improve the lives of the people of eastern Cameroon by promoting awareness of the profound social, educational and economic challenges their communities face and by investing the fruit of a variety of fundraising activities it pursues in sustainable, environmentally responsible projects that are designed to foster social, cultural and economic development and self-reliance. We are committed, in all our undertakings, to high standards of fundraising and financial accountability and strive to demonstrate respect for donors, volunteers and participants in our projects, as well as for the communities and individuals that benefit from our initiatives. Our fundraising activities and on-site projects focus on:


  • Building and equipping schools in outlying Cameroonian communities that will be staffed and operated by public education authorities.
  • Providing additional infrastructure to existing schools that will enhance the learning environment of students.
  • Regular monitoring of student achievement and feedback to local schools and communities.


  • Building and equipping medical clinics situated in the communities served by our schools that will be staffed and operated by the communities and by public health authorities.
  • Providing additional support for the operation of medical clinics where needed.
  • Developing and participating in public and community preventative health programs that directly affect the well-being of the communities we work with.
  • Providing emergency medical or dental treatment and supplies to the communities we work with.
  • Providing food and other basic supplies to the communities we work with.
  • Improving access to water through the construction of wells, water and sewage treatment systems, and irrigation systems.

Okala Foundation Projects

Our mission is self sufficiency through education

Helping children and their familes to help themselves

Notre mission première est la promotion de l'autosuffisance par la mis en place et la soutien de services scolaires dans les villages.

Aidez les enfants et leur famille à s'aider eux-mêmes et à s'entraider.